Do Hispanic/Latino Audiences Want To Listen To or Watch What You Have To Offer?

The reality may be that newsrooms won’t reach a large portion of the Spanish-speaking audience unless they provide news in Spanish. Remember though, there are a lot of us. Know what’s important to us, then use that.

Can We Learn To Be Civil Toward Each Other?

Research from Pew Center and the American Press Institute shows that only about a fifth of Americans has ever met a journalist. So they’re assuming that the journalist is someone who just has a gotcha mentality that they’re going to try to embarrass them, that is going to look down upon them, especially if they’re not college educated or if they live in a rural community.

Here’s Your Ticket To The Reporter’s Studio

Welcome to the Reporter’s Studio. I hear you. What is the reporter’s studio? Let me answer that with a couple of questions. What do you know about the news media? Is your answer, my local newspaper, my local NPR station, my favorite television network news? Maybe you think the news media is fake. But, seriously.Continue reading “Here’s Your Ticket To The Reporter’s Studio”