Sometimes The Story Is In The Numbers

There’d be a lot of shootings in a row, then there’d be a drop-off, and then there’d be another round of shootings and controversies because a lot of these shootings were on unarmed people. A lot of them (victims) were Black. And there was one shooting, in particular, Trayvon Cole, the case of a young man selling small amounts of weed from his apartment.

Ready, Aim, Click.

I have a deep appreciation and envy for photographers. When I was a child, I wanted to be a wildlife photographer for nature shows and films. I wanted to lurk somewhere in the tall grass and point my camera at a lion in the waiting. Or, I dreamt of swimming alongside a whale and clickingContinue reading “Ready, Aim, Click.”

The Truth, The Whole Truth, Nothing But The Truth

In recent years we’ve become the focus of a lot of audience anger. People are like these fact-checkers; they’re not really umpires. They’re the liberal media. They’re trying to put their thumb on the scales, and worse than that, you’d be horrified by the profanity and emails I receive.

Why People Will Always Love Reading About Food.

So when someone’s talking to you, and they’re telling you something, you’re taking in the facts, and then you’re stopping to catch something and say, tell me about that again. It’s revealing your lack of knowledge and letting yourself be curious.

Life In The Big Grass

He died very suddenly and very tragically in a plane crash, and at the time of his death, his political stature was probably close to that of the secretary of the interior. And so, after his death, Mary Barley picked up his cause and, in 1996, pushed a ballot initiative that was the most expensive political campaign in 40 years.

The Reporter Who Started A Career During Spring Break

There’s a romanticized notion of the roving reporter traversing the globe seeking that one story that turns into a Pulitzer-winning epic or at least a novel. I often think of one of my favorite writers, Ernest Hemingway, who started his life as a reporter. Heck, throw another of my favorites in there, Mark Twain. ThisContinue reading “The Reporter Who Started A Career During Spring Break”

Can We Learn To Be Civil Toward Each Other?

Research from Pew Center and the American Press Institute shows that only about a fifth of Americans has ever met a journalist. So they’re assuming that the journalist is someone who just has a gotcha mentality that they’re going to try to embarrass them, that is going to look down upon them, especially if they’re not college educated or if they live in a rural community.